About Tiret


The arrival of Tiret seduced those
in search of ultimate luxury timepieces.

Sensuous shapes, brilliant diamonds, opulent natural hued stones, rare decorative materials, intriguing colored metals and innovative technology enraptured those who seek the pure essence of luxury and own it with finesse.

Daniel Lazar has been an influencing member of the jewellery industry for nearly 20 years in a high profile role introducing creative and innovative pieces to the World market.

In 1999, Mr. Lazar’s primary focus became the luxury timepiece market.
Here his design knowledge of fine jewels and gems was influential in the production and creation of several well-known brands.
Daniel Lazar’s intuitive sense of elegance dressed in precious metals, rare and natural stones and fine diamonds has given timepiece couture a fresh and polished look.

Celebrities, actors, athletes, musicans,

and those who set trends in the
fashion industry wear
the high-end timepieces created
by Daniel Lazar.

Vibrantly gorgeous and haute couture chic, lavish and luscious, scene stoppers, scene stealers -just like the individuals who lust for Tiret. Luminous beauty that creates, causes and sets the trend. Some mightsay "a must have."

For those in the niche of a fabulous lifestyle, Tiret says,

Tiret quickly reached an enviable success with its status
as an ultra-exclusive brand.
Immediately recognized at the “Salon International
de la Haute Horlogerie”
and acknowledged with an esteemed nomination
in the “Grand Prix d’Horologerie
de Geneve 2005,” Tiret positioned itself
at the top of luxury brand timepieces.

For Tiret, at this level of luxury, anything is possible.